Ongoing Service to Keep You Rolling!

With the continuously changing DOT rules, our specialty is taking care of your service needs on site. We know every company is unique and our services are specialized to your needs.

Service Is What We Do To Minimize Your Company’s Exposure for Federal Intervention!

  • Federal DOT Safety Audit: We can prepare you in the event you are selected for a Federal Safety DOT audit. Take advantage of our track record and experience to potential fines and penalties. We have taken companies through Federal Safety Audits with 100% compliance!
  • Driver Pre and Post Trip Inspections: We stay abreast of ever changing requirements for trip inspections.
  • Load placement and securement: The result of a load shift or load loss can be a disastrous truck accident. DOT Training and Services will train your personnel on proper load placement and securement to avoid unsafe situations, fines and penalties. Our training will make your drivers more knowledgeable and confident in transit!
  • Driver Certification and Qualification: Complete C.D.L. Training. Common sense answers to your questions. Let us help you hire and train qualified employees for the future of your company. Also qualifying and certifying existing drivers for different vehicles and new entrance.
  • IFTA: The International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) is an agreement among 48 U.S. states and 10 Canadian provinces (58 jurisdictions in all) to simplify the reporting of fuel use taxes by interstate motor carriers. IFTA reporting significantly reduces the paperwork and standardizes the reporting of fuel use taxes.
  • Policies and Procedures: As you grow we can help you implement the right policies and procedures to prevent or minimize a roadside liability.
  • Roadside Inspections: Train your drivers how to effectively handle roadside inspections. Learn how to interact with State and Federal officers and what they look for. We train your drivers on what they need to know about roadside inspections so they can be confident and at ease with a law enforcement officer.
  • Fleet Safety Inspection Program: Prevent liability before it happens and improve safety records by implementing a workable and feasible safety inspection program for your fleet.
  • Driver Orientation: Orientation is the first step in a successful driver training program. Even when a company hires an experienced driver from another company or from a driver training school, that employee still needs be oriented in all DOT rules and regulations, hours of service, etc.
  • Driver Wellness: Implement a Driver Wellness and Safety program to ensure that drivers are capable of driving safely.
  • DOT Numbers: Do you need DOT numbers? With the proper information we can get your DOT numbers within 72 hours.