Are You Facing a DOT Safety Audit?

If you have been audited and received anything less than a satisfactory rating CALL US. We can have you on your way to restoring your satisfactory rating! If the Federal Auditor has left you a ‘shopping list’ of compliance items, we can guide you through those obstacles. We have carried many clients through Federal Audits and have not lost any yet.

If you are facing a DOT audit, we can help. DOT Training and Services will minimize your exposure to fines and penalties. We will be in your corner as you face the auditor and our expertise will help smooth the way to restore your safety rating.

Don’t Wait Until You Are Audited To Call Us

We will perform a complete analysis of your operation to to determine your weakness and strengths, but especially areas that will cost you money in fines and penalties.

Preparation, not penalty:

“Our observation is not if you will ever have a DOT audit, but when! Dave has over 35 years experience in law enforcement and commercial driver training and is proud that the clients he has taken through DOT Federal Safety Audits have been 100% compliant!”

What We Do

  • Perform an ‘in-house’ audit to determine if you could pass a DOT safety audit.
  • Help you develop a Drug and Alchohol plan
  • Provide consulting to help you become DOT compliant.
  • Analyze your training needs and develop customized driver certification and training programs.
  • Driver certification and training can save you money on insurance.
  • Compliance with Hours of Service rules and record keeping.